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Your Session

I want your session to be a fun time spent together not at all like your traditional studio photography appointment. My goal is to trick your children into thinking they are getting to spend some special time with momma and daddy and we are having fun....NOT....a pressure filled time when they have to look perfect. I have years of experience with little people. I really like them ! I am a momma and have been a music teacher to 4-8 year olds for 10 years. I will take the time to talk to you to find out what kind of portait session you are hoping for and spend time planning your shoot to get that result. With that in mind, I am most likely to get the results if Mom and Dad watch but do not coach their precious little one. I really enjoy hearing what these little people are thinking and want a great shot just as much as you do !


I think dressing a family in the same color pallette is great. If you know you are looking for a big canvas for over your fireplace dress to match your room...


I think the location can say something special about who you are. I will come to your home and use your things as my backdrop or parks, pastures,lakes,rivers, old buildings,city scapes.... almost anything can be a backdrop. Some of my favorite sessions have been adventurous senior portrait shoots where a teenager gets in my car and I find inspiration from their clothes or something they say or something we are feeling and we go there !

Music on my site-

The music you hear on my site is either my daughter Maggie or me. You can hear more of my daughter Maggie's music by visiting her site at The song in my brandnew people was recorded by my youngest child Elijah when he was 4 and I sing the rest of the song. It was the song I sang to him to go to sleep all those years. He is now 16 ! The family connection gallery is the other gallery where you hear me. The senior portrait gallery you will hear a song my daughter wrote about her old Chrysler Sebring convertible. She was just playing around and I love previewing her new songs on my site.. ENJOY !!!

That is an image of Maggie to the left of this text :)

Thank you for your interest in my photography... This job is sooooo much fun !!